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Hi there, I am so glad you’ve stopped by to visit!

My name is Kristen McDiarmid, and I am passionate about helping women heal their relationship with food and body.


Because I’ve been exactly where you are right now – convinced that if I just kept counting calories, hitting the gym, and keeping myself “in check”, I’d someone how find happiness.  I didn’t trust myself around food and had countless binges to prove it.  I’d lived a life of disordered eating longer than I hadn’t.  I believed there was NO WAY that I could I ever be “normal” around food again.

Shame, guilt, and judgment were always buzzing in the background. 

But somewhere….deep, deep down….I knew there had to be a better way, and I needed help to find it.

So I partnered with an amazing food and body image coach who deeply understood my seemingly “irrational” thoughts and behaviours. She too had been there, done that…and come out so much stronger.  I also surrounded myself with an online community of women committed to the same goal.

What I found is that the support and guidance of someone who truly understands your struggles – who has been there and knows first hand what it takes to heal – is the most valuable tool in recovery.


And that is why I’m here.  Because I KNOW that I can help you move beyond weight, diet and exercise to find peace, self acceptance and unwavering confidence.

I am beyond excited to share my corner of the internet with you, so let’s get started…..

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