Welcome!  And congratulations for taking that first (and hardest!) step towards food and body freedom.  


But what does food and body freedom really mean?   


It’s about discovering what really fires you up (hint: it’s not the candy bowl at work or a punishing sweat session at the gym)


It’s about feeling your emotions, not suffocating them with food.  


It’s about getting off the diet, binge, loathe roller coaster and trusting that your body will take care of the rest.


But most of all, it’s about ending body shame and food guilt because you are so much more than what you do or do not eat.


 Having experienced my own battles with food and body image, I know first hand how impossible this may seem.  


But I also know that freedom IS possible, and that on the other side of guilt and shame there is unwavering confidence, passion and authenticity waiting for you!


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